Unfair competition law


Unfair competition law englobes all factors that determine the behaviour of a business operator towards consumers and competitors. The framework is set out in the German Code against unfair competition (UWG) and constitutes the basis of our activity. It is complemented by a number of more specific provisions to be found e.g. in the German Code on advertisement for pharmaceuticals (HWG), the Food Information Regulation (LMIV) or the German Code on food and feed (LFGB). All questions of advertising, marketing and sponsoring as well the admissibility of distribution channels and concepts can be brought before civil courts, if need be in expedited proceedings.

Whether foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, toys, e-commerce or licencing conditions – all these questions are dealt with by the same courts. Therefore it is crucial to present complex cases in a simple, yet convincing way. In this exercise, it is a major asset that we can transfer and merge our know-how from different areas of law.