Cooperations / Network


Our guiding principle „Thinking further“ also applies beyond the work we carry out our very selves. Through permanent cooperations and as part of different networks, our law firm and its lawyers are in constant contact and exchange with other experts.

If need be, our permanent scientific cooperation partner RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH supports us in complex scientific and regulatory matters. We also collaborate intensively with our colleagues from the law firm Belmont Legal specialised in commercial and company law.

Whenever legal questions with an implication of foreign law occur, we provide multinational concepts in a time-and cost-effective way thanks to our trusted and straightforward cooperation with befriended foreign colleagues.

Beyond our work for clients, our lawyers also active members in a number of specialist associations and scientific institutions. Our clients profit from the insight and contacts gained from these activities.



Our law firm is permanently cooperating with:


RDA RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH
Belmont-Legal Belmont | Legal

In multinational scenarios we work closely together with specialised foreign colleagues and other independent experts. We are therefore able to provide specifically tailored concepts across broders and clarify legal issues with foreign implications early on.




Our lawyers inter alia engage in the following institutions: